The Self-Authorship Process

Becoming a self-responsible and self-directed individual that can thrive in self-managed environment

The most challenging part in organizational transformation towards self-management is our habitual way of viewing and interpreting reality. We tend to overestimate the power of thinking and intellect. Having the right answers and stable opinions gives us an illusion that our needs of control and safety are met. Honesty to self and others becomes a rare quality.

We also tend to live our lives believing we have little impact on how we feel, who we are and what is happening. We keep on performing work that drains our energy, sticks to environments we don't feel safe in and accept conditions we are unhappy with. There is no longer a place for such self-betrayals in self-organization. Still, that might need time, effort and support to change.

Not following the crowd, living by your own rules while still contributing with great engagement and care requires courage. We need to establish a deep connection with self and others, trust and follow our inner guidance, become fully responsible for who we are, decisions we make and contribution we offer.

Becoming more aware of our inner dynamics, conscious and unconscious emotional and mental patterns can allow us to shape our lives, also in business context, from a place of trust, connection and love.

By deepening connection with our inner reality, building capacity to self-reflect, meta-reflect, we can enhance the quality of our well-being within the communities we operate in.

As a consequence, we tend to focus on what gives us energy, become more focused, creative and efficient.

What results you may expect?

It is as much about gaining new skills and capacity as about expanding your awareness of self and others

〉You will gain more sensed feeling and understanding of what it takes to thrive in self-organization and how you make the most out of it for yourself, your team and organization.

〉You will gain more capacity to self-direct your feelings, thoughts and actions.

〉You will become more self-aware of your inner dynamics and patterns that support you and prevent you from thriving in self-organization.

〉You will develop a greater capacity to feel, name and interpret your emotions the moment they occur and release them so that you can use the hidden message they convey to make better decisions.

〉You will become more connected to your own needs and capable of finding strategies to meet them.

〉You will learn how to release blockages that prevent you from moving forward.

〉You will become more aware of your inner relation to power and how it plays in the organizational context and life. 

〉You will become more honest and authentic – towards yourself and others. 

The Process

A co-creation process envisioning three steps

I help you identify your breakthrough question – something that puzzles you, that can’t be answered straight away, but when the answer gets clearer, the energy for the change will be released and new possibilities will emerge. This is where we set the rules for ourselves and co-create the next step.

We work on your breakthrough question, identify and remove obstacles and blockages that stand in the way (detrimental beliefs, misleading understanding and assumptions, energy structures, etc.) and learn new ways of accessing deeper wisdom and decoding information from the situations you experience, feelings and bodily sensations you feel. This is where you experiment, practice, reflect, upgrade and celebrate your learnings. This is also where we tweak the process so it meets your needs best. You decide how fast we go.

This step consists of a minimum six sessions, each 1.5-2 hours, every two to three weeks. It can last as long as it is helpful for you. We will regularly stop to check if it still does.

Here is where this journey gets to its completion so that the new one can begin. We evaluate the progress, give attention to what still needs to be appreciated and draw a vision of what is next to come.

Still got questions?


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