Ewa Bocian

I help leaders and organizations make conscious decisions and guide them towards new ways of working and relating

Why I do what I do?

I dream of organizations which are successful and happy at the same time. Organizations where cooperation between people is based on mutual trust, authenticity, honesty, transparency and freedom.

My dream is to work with people who feel the need to change, believe in it and are ready to implement it – both in organizational and personal contexts. One cannot success without the other. I enjoy most working with people who make decisions and have the power to implement them.

Where do I come from?

My interest in transformation and self-organization was born from my personal professional experience in high performing investment corporations. After studying economics, I started experiencing traditional management methods from the inside, working in a mid-size business, then international corporate environment. For 10 years I have been developing my experience in investment advisory working at commercial real estate at DTZ / Cushman & Wakefield and BNP Paribas Real Estate.

One of the most important lessons in my professional life was the experience of how the organizational environment impacts people and results, how individuals determine the organizational reality. Led by curiosity and a sense of the absurd, I understood I want and I can live differently – in harmony with myself and the world around me. So can you and people in your organization. It is possible to create and environment which supports happiness and results at the same time. What it takes is trust, transparency, commitment and self-organization.

How will you experience working with me?

Honesty and authenticity.


Freedom to be who and how you are.

Deep reflection and creative perspectives.

Agility in dealing with change.


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