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I guide companies and leaders towards radical ownership, clarity in decision making, new ways of organizing and relating

From where you are to where you could be

Do you recognize youself in this?



  • Slow decision making that creates bottlenecks
  • Too little clarity on how and who makes decisions
  • Lack of entrepreneurship approach
  • Too much political games going on
  • Accepting habit of breaking agreements
  • Low commitment and engagement
  • Overwhelm, long working hours and burnouts
  • Too little cooperation and silos mentality
  • Little responsiveness, adaptability and creative ideas
  • Time-consuming and inefficient meetings
  • Lack of clear leadership and ownership
  • Extensive planning and budgeting
  • Focus on delivering short term results
  • Making same mistakes over and over again
  • Recurring and destructive conflicts
  • Culture of gossip, sarcasm and negative criticism
  • Focus on what is right or wrong
  • Hard to attract and keep best talents


be sure there is another way:

  • Quick and clear decision making
  • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Full transparency
  • High level of accountability and responsibility
  • Explicit and respected rules
  • Clear and adaptable organizational structure
  • Focus on building long term value
  • Culture or trust, honesty and authenticity
  • Conscious leadership and clear ownership
  • High commitment and engagement
  • Simplified and dynamic steering
  • Efficient collaboration and focus win-win solutions
  • Self-sufficient and self-managed teams
  • Efficient and reflective meetings
  • Constant learning and innovating
  • High responsiveness and adaptability
  • Constructive and healing conflict-resolution
  • Best talents onboard

The paradigm shift

HAVE YOU NOTICED the change in the world?

The evolution of our consciousness has opened new ways of perceiving reality and encouraged the making of more compassionate and world-friendly decisions. This expanding awareness of our broader existence profoundly impacts how we approach business. As our business practices evolve, they, in turn, shape our relationships with each other and the world. This transformation is not solely the result of digitalization and broader introduction of artificial intelligence; rather, it reflects a deeper shift in our consciousness.

Consciousness shift impacting business

Finding Your Path to Adapt to a Changing World


Instead of experiencing:

Short Term Wins Focus Emphasising immediate revenue and meeting financial targets as the primary organizational objective.  

Ego-Driven Leadership Leadership centered on asserting authority over individuals, primarily aimed and ensuring own target delivery.

Plan & Predict Glorifying planning,fixating on achieving planned goals irrespective of challenges.

Static Organizational Structure Positions rarely adjusted to meet organizational needs, individual competence, skills and development needs.

Centralized Decision Authority Decisions primarily concentrated in the hands of a few people on the organizational top. 

Control-Oriented Mindset Shared believe that to achieving results necessitates strict control over what, how and why individuals do. 

Default to Privacy Viewing information as a powerful tool for controlling others and driving increased efforts.

Hierarchical Dependance Placing higher importance on respecting hierarchical orders than fostering collaboration and efficiency. 



I help co-create:

Purpose-Driven Approach Aligning every decision with the organization’s core purpose to drive meaningful action.

Conscious Leadership Leading from a place of self-awareness, responsibility, and integrity to inspire positive transformation in organizations.

Continuous Learning Fostering adaptability and resilience through learning at all organizational levels.

Dynamic Organizational Structure Aligning roles and accountabilities with both organizational goals and individual strengths

Distributed Decision-Making Decentralizing decision-making to enhance agility and empowerment where it’s most effective.

Autonomy & Trust Building a culture of honesty, authenticity, reliability, mutual respect and kindness to support growth and collaboration.

Default to Transparency Ensuring open access to information for comprehensive and informed decision-making.

Network of Teams Promoting collaborative efficiency by valuing diverse perspectives and collective action.

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new work TransfOrmation

Full guidance for your team and/or organization in transformation towards more new ways of working and relating, aligning with purpose, fostering trust, and nurturing self-sufficiency in organizational change. 


Holacracy adoption

Gradual implementation of Holacracy approach to management, methods and tools supporting power shift, autonomy, accountability and adaptability, complemented by a systemic approach to organizational development.


SParring & mentoring

Providing leaders and internal change agents with support to gain greater clarity, confidence, and a toolkit for collaboratively reinventing your teams or organizations and creating sustainable transformation.

Join the organisational consciousness shift


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Needing support for yourself?

Consciousness coaching

New ways of working require inner work. Especially from the leaders. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility on you to model the NEW.

Becoming aware of your own patterns and how they impact organization and its capacity to change is essential. Yet, what is important the most is liberating yourself from restrictive beliefs and harmful emotional patterns to enable yourself and free up organisational capacity to change at the core level.

The more you as a leader will resolve your inner conflict, integrate your shadows and improved the quality of your inner and outer life, the more people around you will be capable to take responsibility for their own future and thrive. The more alignment with your values, needs, and purpose will occur.

To learn more, how I could support your inner journey, check www.ewabocian.com




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