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Ewa Bocian

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Ewa Bocian & Conscious Organization

I am striving to...

Gaining a deeper perspective and self-awareness, expanding consciousness by guiding and connecting individuals with their truth and essence to navigate their internal maze.

What excites me the most is...

Exploring breakthroughs, uncovering truths about myself and others, catalyzing transformations, providing attunement and presence, pursuing the path of authenticity.

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How did I
get here

Want to know more about my professional path and education?

I experienced deep unhappiness and a sense of confinement in the traditional management setting where I used to work. Despite climbing the career ladder, I felt out of place and disconnected from my talents and purpose. I’ve always found joy in uncovering patterns between seemingly unrelated events. Organizations, which should ideally benefit people, often produce outcomes that are detrimental to individuals and the environment. We’ve moved so far from our true selves that we’ve lost sight of why we do what we do and why we’re unhappy and unhealthy. Organizations greatly influence how we live and interact. I see them as a powerful force to help humanity create a happier and healthier world.

The influence organizations hold over people is immense. Today’s technological advancements offer incredible possibilities, but they come with significant negative impacts – declining happiness, mental and physical health, and strained relationships. What excites me most is the potential to influence organizations, thereby impacting all of us positively. I believe in the power to transform business environments into human-friendly spaces that let us be authentic, meet our fundamental needs, heal, and promote happiness and health.

Honesty, which to me, signifies a profound alignment with my authentic self and truth at a deeper level. It involves maintaining integrity in intentions, needs, thoughts, speech, and actions. It’s about remaining true to our inner compass and our connection to universal truths.

Self-development, which to me, encompasses a profound inner journey of growth and transformation. It involves the deliberate evolution and expansion of our self-awareness, understanding, and connection to our authentic self.

My skills and talents

What do I bring to the table?



Tools, methods, and approaches fostering innovative management, organizational development, and relationship-building.



Adopting systemic perspective to address issues at their core, ensuring sustainable and transformative change with whole system in mind.


Implementing methods, tools, and principles to establish a self-organizing environment for individuals and organizations to flourish.



Introducing and role-modeling courageous and honest communication for conflict resolution, fostering trust and integrity.



Guiding leaders through their personal transformation to facilitate organizational healing.



Offering accessible knowledge and insights on new work and relationship-building practices to complement the transformation.

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