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They shape our habits, beliefs, quality of life and relationships. They profoundly impact our health and wellbeing. Still, it is us who impact organizations and broader society. When we bring more of who we truly are to what we do, we can make a greater impact in the direction we want to see the world moving.

the more of the unknown becomes known, the more impact you may have

I believe that to make a change last it needs to be rooted in a deeper understanding and appreciation of what is and awareness of the interconnectedness happening within the system. This means that the ability to self-connect, self-reflect and meta-reflect are fundamental for purpose-driven self-organization to evolve and thrive.   


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Is your organization ready to embrace a more conscious and humane approach to work and relationships? Rather than navigating this transformation alone, would you prefer to have a professional companion by your side, offering honest guidance?

Through collaborative efforts in shaping your change process, we’ll harness the skills, talents, and existing processes within your organization to steer the change smoothly in your desired direction – ensuring it sticks.

A systemic transformation towards a new work culture entails the following:

  • Embracing new principles from the outset.
  • Cultivating a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness within your organization.
  • Collaboratively establishing a shared understanding.
  • Learning the value of reflection before action.
  • Determining your direction and the subsequent steps.
  • Engaging in iterative cycles involving diagnosis, reflection, collaborative creation, and implementation.
  • Evolving to become a self-sufficient and adaptable organization by learning through iterations and unlearning what no longer serves through experimental adoption of new approaches, methods, and tools.
  • Developing the capability for deeper reflection and meta-reflection on individual, team, and organizational levels – core organizational skills for fostering new ways of working and relating.


Holacracy adoption

Crafting your own operating system step by step can be an overwhelming task. Embracing a set of predefined practices and rules, tested and validated by numerous organizations, can be a source of relief. Having a structured framework to lean on while unlearning old habits and acquiring new ones during the process might seem quite appealing. We understand that need!

Holacracy offers a readily available manual that we’ll systematically implement, tailoring it step by step to assimilate new approaches to governance and operations at a pace and depth that aligns with your specific context and business requirements.

Consider it akin to a game—a learning process intertwined with action. As you engage, new logic, distinct rules, and practices integrated into your daily routines will bolster the transition towards distributed decision-making, dynamic roles and structures, a hierarchy centered on purpose, agile steering, and heightened transparency.

What encapsulates the fundamental principles of Holacracy?

  • Organizing business around purpose instead of a hierarchy of people over people.
  • Establishing transparent rules that apply uniformly to everyone.
  • Defining clear authority for decision-making.
  • Embracing consent-based decision-making and fostering supportive meeting practices.
  • Fostering adaptability and responsiveness through its dynamic structure and inherent agility.


SParring & mentoring

Are you a leader contemplating what’s necessary to initiate a lasting change? Have you explored various approaches, methods, and tools but feel like something crucial is missing? Perhaps you’re part of an ongoing transformation, seeking regular support or advice, or feeling stuck and unsure how to progress?

Being an internal change agent is an immensely demanding role. The complex dynamics, conflicts, and inherent resistance to change, combined with daily business pressures, can feel overwhelming. Gaining perspective to perceive the interconnectedness within the system, reducing bias, and overcoming personal loyalties to gain a clearer vision can be quite challenging.

Reflecting together and deepening your comprehension of the situation, creating healthy distance to gain a clearer organizational perspective, obtaining meaningful insights, looking through different lenses, brainstorming ideas, and receiving candid feedback might be precisely what you need to steadily advance.

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